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A Guide to the Best Deal in Auto Loans

Auto loans are the best financial option available when you make the decision of purchasing a car. Before you visit the car dealership, it is advisable that you make calculations of your monthly auto loan payment. Finding an auto loan can be quite stressful, as you need to find the loan with the lowest interest rates.

The Auto Loan Process:

Calculations of the auto loan payment are necessary because you have to decide on how high of a monthly installment you can afford. There are many web sites that will provide you average prices for vehicles in your locality.

Once you decide the purchase price, you are required to subtract the down payment that you will pay for the vehicle. If you are giving your old vehicle in exchange, the deduction amount will also be subtracted from the loan amount. The remaining amount is your auto loan amount, which will be paid in installments.

The next step is to estimate the interest rate that will be applied to your auto loan. The interest rate is based on your credit rating. People with the highest credit score receive the lowest interest rates and vice versa. After determining the interest rate, you need to know the amount that you will be paying in sales tax. Sales tax differs with each state, and you need to know the applicable sales tax to make a rough estimate.

How Do You Save Money on Auto Loans?

There are many auto financiers that provide promotional schemes, such as low interest rates. Lower interest rates mean low monthly installments, which lowers the costs of securing the auto loan. There are two types of auto loans: secured auto loans and unsecured auto loans.

Using Your Home as Equity:

Tapping your home as equity is one of the best options to obtain lower interest rates while financing your car purchase. A home equity loan and a home equity line of credit offer lower interest rates in comparison to traditional car loans as the loans are secured against the value of your home. Such loans are considered to be the best option for car loans of 36 months or less.

Working with an Independent Financier:

Obtaining a loan from an independent financier instead of a car dealer also leads to savings. Dealer financing is expensive, and the interest rates offered are much higher in comparison to auto loans from banks.

Checking Your Credit Score:

Before opting for an auto loan, it is advised that you check your credit score and fix any inaccuracies.

You can either opt for financing options offered by dealers or independent financiers, or you can go for auto loans offered by the bank.

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